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Beet pulp powder

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It is adopted the chemical synthesis method to produce beet pulp, which is processed by concentration,purify and crystallizing from raw material chloroacetic acid,methamphetamine and sodium carbonate reacting.

Neutralization process 



Substitution reaction


Process description 

Neutralization section  

Constant volume of water is put into neutralization tank firstly for dissolving chloroacetic acid fully. The dissolved aqueous reacts with pure alkali for making neutralized solution that will be flowed into substitution process.

 Substitution section  

The neutralized solution is pumped into substitution reactor with TMA for substitution reaction on operating temperature below 70.Finally test the PH value for approving the crude beet pulp solution obtaining(During reaction,TMA overdose volume is below 1% ).

Concentration section 

Beet pulp crude solution from neutralization workshop is pumped into concentration reactors for removing amine rising temperature to 100, then concentrates amine-free aqueous to fixed concentration at the pressure -0.08Mpa.  The concentrated material is put into filtration tank for separating salt and aqueous. Supernatant will be sucked by vacuum pump for storing temporary in another tank,preparing into the next process.

Solid salt is packed in bags with measurement weight for storage.

Mixing section 

In mixing machine,white carbon black(silica) is mixed with supernatant that is from measurement tank.

 Drying section 

Mixed material will be conveyed by constant spiral feeder to vibrated fluidized bed(steam pressure0.4~0.6Mpa) for drying.

Package process

Dried material will be sieved by vibrating screen for package.


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