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Sulfuric acid

An inorganic compound with the chemical
formula H2SO4, which is the most important oxyacid of sulfur. Pure sulfuric acid is a colorless oily liquid that crystallizes at 10.36°C. Its aqueous solutions of various concentrations are usually used and prepared by tower method and contact method. The former is crude dilute sulfuric acid, with a mass fraction of about 75%; the latter can be obtained with a mass fraction of 98.3% concentrated sulfuric acid, with a boiling point of 338°C and a relative density of 1.84.

Concentration difference 

H₂SO₄ Concentration

corresponding density(kg/L)

Contains (mol/L)

Common Name




Dilute Sulphate Acid




Lead Acid Battery Acid




Chamber Acid,Fertilizer Acid




Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

Process Method In one word
Prepare sulfur dioxide gas from sulfur, then catalyze the oxidation of sulfur dioxide to generate sulfur trioxide, and finally make sulfuric acid by contacting sulfur trioxide with water.
This process diagram is simple, operate is easy,investment value is saved, without pollution, product cost is bit lower comparably, mercantile rate of return is higher comparably .

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