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Aluminum sulphate

40000TPY Aluminium Sulfate in Laos

Aluminum sulphate is one of the basic inorganic chemical raw materials. It is a large-tonnage product among inorganic salts, Product capacity in China ranks the few top position in the inorganic salt industry in the world. For example, Japan is second only to water glass. The United States occupies third place. China occupies the fourth place. With the rapid development of the national economy, the use of aluminum sulfate is becoming more and more extensive. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic production capacity of aluminum sulfate has reached more than 1 million tons, but it still cannot meet the needs of the international and domestic markets. Therefore, this product is a chemical product with good development prospects.


Raw Material

Consumption ratet/t final pro.


Sulphate acid


Concentration 7%,30~60%,98%

Aluminum hydroxide





      Process water and cooling water


40KWh/t pro.

Process Method In one word

Filling quantified water in the slurry tank, and then add aluminum hydroxide when agitating, absorb into the closed reactor by pump after stirring well,reacting with a certain concentration of sulfuric acid, then put into the steel belt crystallization machine after reacting,make the aluminum sulfate solution solidified into flakes on the crystallization machine surface via cooling water and fans.Finally the qualified product is packed into bags after crushing,measuring.

This process diagram is simple, operate is easy,investment value is saved, without pollution, product cost is bit lower comparably, mercantile rate of return is higher comparably .

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