KNMM glass lined equipment features comparing with competitors
  • KNMM glass-lined equipment and enamel equipment from the purchase of steel to the finished glass-lined equipment, are all completed in the KNMM production workshop, preventing rainwater from corroding steel and products.The product manufacturing process is a huge assembly line with reliable quality, sophisticated technology and beautiful appearance.And provide services such as guaranteed return, guaranteed replacement, and warranty repair.

  • KNMM glass lining equipment and enamel equipment are all fired with electric furnaces to produce clean porcelain surface, stable quality, not easy to jump, and no pollution (other companies use coal furnaces, gas furnaces or electric furnaces for shows).

  • KNMM glass lining equipment uses one furnace per specification for enamel equipment, which makes the fired products rarely deformed and saves costs.

  • KNMM has 11sets glass-lined equipment manufacturing firing furnaces, especially underground hanging furnaces, firing conveyor trucks, etc., which have greatly improved product quality and reduced costs. cost.

  • KNMM glass lining equipment and enamel equipment are the only manufacturers that perform shot blasting, rust removal and then painting on the surface of the products. The appearance of the products is more beautiful and generous, and can be called world-class.

  • The glass-lined enamel independently developed by KNMM has been tested and used for many years by clients, proving that its performance can be compared with the world's advanced counterparts (the user's use conditions are suitable, and the product life can last for decades).

  • KNMM glass lining equipment is the leading manufacturer in China that manufactures giant glass lining equipment.

  • KNMM glass-lined equipment and enamel equipment are all manufactured in accordance with pressure vessel standards.Ensure that the steel plate material meets the thickness of the pressure vessel standard.Unqualified products will never be allowed to leave the factory (some competitors'materials are not thick enough).

  • The steel plates manufactured by KNMM glass enamel equipment and enamel equipment are all steel plates regularly produced by large manufacturers, and are cut with CNC cutting machines to ensure the accuracy of the dimensions and ensure the quality of the subsequent processes of the products.

  • Most of the KNMM glass enamel equipment and enamel equipment accessories are produced by ourselves. The product quality is guaranteed, the after-sales service is more secure, and it is more convenient for users to purchase.

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