swear in KNMM

In order to further strengthen the cohesion of the whole factory staff, unite and better serve the vast number of users at home and abroad, the company's key management personnel solemnly declared the oath of loving the factory in the office hall of KNMM.


 I swear to buddha with my personality, loyalty and human conscience, and promise to fulfill the following oaths, and ask all employees and the public to supervise:


1. Always be loyal to KNMM, promise to obey the leadership, be serious and responsible, and do a good job wholeheartedly.

2. Keep learning, constantly improve your own working ability, and create more wealth and interests for the company.

3. Respect leaders, care for colleagues and employees, and treat those who have business with the company with kindness.

4. Seriously manage the internal and external changes of the company, and formulate new management plans in a reasonable and timely manner.

5. Do not waste people, money, materials, energy, etc., and complete the work purpose with the least cost.

6. Always implement quality first, and develop new technologies and new products is the way for the company to survive for a long time.

7. Don't be a good old man or old fritters, do your duty, dare to speak and do things, and maintain a good working atmosphere in KNMM.

8. Accept supervision, be good at listening to other people's opinions, and make appropriate decisions in a timely manner.

9. Don't be a villain, don't retaliate, don't pull gangs, and don't get angry at work.

10. Safe work, civilized work, clean work, and quick work.

11. When the company encounters any difficulties, it can focus on the overall situation and stabilize the company's development.

12. Never be affected by bad social atmosphere and gossip, and maintain the noble moral character of being a human being.

13. Regardless of working in KNMM or not, never sell the company's technology and endanger the company's interests.

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