Reactor installation in KNMM

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Installation is the key to the normal operation of chemical  process reactor, especially for precision equipment such as enamel reaction kettles. The installation process can be specified accordingly, oppositely, standardized installation can reduce potential problems during operating at site. 

Let's take a closer read at steps for installing enamel reactor:

1. When  moving the enamel reaction kettle, attention should be paid to smooth moving, rolling or prizing is not allowed for preventing vibration or damage. It is strictly prohibited damaging on connect pipe, clamp, sight glass and other vulnerable parts under force.

2. When lifting, it is necessary to hang steel wire at the designated position such as the lifting lug, stably lift and gently place it, and place soft objects underneath.

3. Before installing the enamel reactor, attention should be paid to checking whether the equipment is intact and whether there is friction damage. If there is any, it needs to be repaired.

4. When tightening the screw inspection, it should be gradually tightened in pairs along the diagonal instead of in one go. The tightening force should be uniform to prevent local excessive force from damaging the enamel reactor.

5. After the assembly of the agitator and reducer of the enamel reaction kettle, anti loosening nuts and other anti loosening parts should be added. Use manual trial operation to confirm that there are no abnormalities, the operation is flexible, and the radial runout should be within the design requirements.

6. Gaskets play an important role in safety production, reducing maintenance, saving energy, reducing leakage pollution, and increasing personal safety. Therefore, it cannot be ignored that the selection of gaskets is very important.

7. For the trial operation of the enamel reaction kettle, attention should be paid to detecting whether there are any problems, and if any problems are found, they can be repaired or maintained in a timely manner.

In summary, when installing glass lined reactor, it is necessary to have professional operators to operate it, and not blindly. Once improperly operated, it will affect the effectiveness of its later use in the enamel reaction kettle. Therefore, we must operate in a standardized manner according to the above methods to ensure that the installed enamel reaction kettle equipment can operate smoothly.

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