Glass Lined Plate type condenser




Glass Lined Heat Exchangers in Plate Type and Shell-In-Shell Type constructions,offer greater durability, longer and maintenance free service compared to other heat exhangers used in corrosive applications.

Glass lining of the plate type condenser guarantees exclusive corrosion resistance, enabling it capable of handling a number of corrosive substances during the operation. We adopt advanced  technical enamels to meet the rigorous demands of chemical processing applications. In addition, the utilization of cold spraying technology ensures the coating quality, efficiently avoiding problems that often occur with thermal spraying method.

Whether used in chemical, pharmaceutical or other industrial applications, this glass-lined steel condenser can be a reliable and effective solution to handle various corrosive environments.

ItemCommon plate condenserPorous plate condenser

Heat exchange rateaaa1.5a1.5a1.5a
Height of water interlayer545864192125
Water overflow speedcommoncommoncommonfastfastfast
Traverses baffle (N/A)Null
Scaling tendencyEasy
EasyEasyNot easyNot easyNot easy
Type of gasketA IIA IIA IIA IA IA I
Thickness of gasket (mm)30
Vacuum resistancelowlowlowhighhighhigh
Glass lined5809
58095809I classI classI class
Total heightHigher

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