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Case background: In a certain month of 2010, a state-owned enterprise in China signed a purchase and sale contract for a glass-lined reactor with an enamel equipment factory.The two parties agreed: For the purchased glass-lined equipment, a deposit must be paid in advance, and then 95% of the total price of the equipment shall be paid upon delivery, leaving 5% as a quality deposit. The two parties agreed that the shipping period is 2 months. Since the customer's project is a national key project, The enamel equipment was needed in a hurry. When the construction period expired, the customer handled the balance and supervised the sales staff of the enamel equipment factory to deliver the goods. However, the sales staff of the enamel equipment factory used various reasons to shirk and prevaricate and deceive the customers. If we delay further, by the time the equipment is finally completed, the equipment construction period has been delayed by more than a month. The late delivery of the equipment has already caused great economic losses to the customer. However, after the glass-lined equipment is completed, the equipment will be completed in accordance with the contract. After paying 95% of the payment, you can take delivery of the goods. However, the sales staff of the enamel equipment factory told the customer that the full payment must be made before delivery. Since the customer's project is a national key project and the construction period is very urgent, the customer has no choice but to pay in full. The enamel factory agreed to deliver the goods only after the full payment was made. When the goods arrived at the site, the customer found that the equipment shipped did not have a product certificate, supervision inspection certificate, or invoice, and the appearance of the equipment was extremely ugly (these equipment became three-no products). On this day It happened that the leaders of the  Provincial Party Committee visited the site. After seeing these equipment, they asked the staff where they ordered the equipment. How could we use such shoddy equipment for a national key project? No matter how urgent it is, we can't use it. !... So, the customer once again made a comprehensive inspection and came to our  glass-lined equipment company for an on-site visit and inspection, and finally chose to re-order this batch of glass-lined equipment from us.

Case lesson: Because customers did not carefully inspect the glass-lined equipment manufacturer before purchasing the equipment, they ordered equipment based on the one with the lowest price and the best payment method.Nowadays, due to the fierce market competition, some companies use old products to replace them with new products in order to survive and maximize their profit margins.Regardless of the construction period and quality required by the customer, first sign the contract and then make a one-off deal regardless of the customer's interests and credibility.I hope customers will take a warning after seeing the above content. No matter what kind of glass-lined equipment they purchase, they should first consult the credibility of the manufacturer. It is best to conduct an on-site investigation of the manufacturer's true strength and qualifications before ordering equipment, so as not to bring any discomfort to themselves. necessary losses.

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